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Essay Examples

When a college student gets stuck with an academic writing assignment, what’s the first thing that they do?

They consider hiring the best thesis writing service. But in most cases, the student wants to make an initial attempt in writing.

We totally support that!

We’re here to help when you’re stuck beyond your limits. But we’re also here to support your writing practices with various tips and examples.

We share free college essay examples, which can help you understand the structure of a good paper. You might get inspired by the topics of these narrative, argumentative, and descriptive essay examples. But you may also find a sample that’s really close to your topic, so you’ll learn from it.

The road to better writing starts with reading. We share these free essay samples with the intention to inspire you to read. From there on, you’ll be ready to tackle writing projects.

How You’ll Benefit from Our Free Essay Samples

When we share essay examples, we hand-pick great content that inspires you to write.

We gladly share the persuasive essay examples written by the winning participants of the EduGeeksClub writing contest. We received outstanding papers from writers from all around the world. They were inspired by our essay topics, and they contributed with outstanding pieces of logic, reasoning, and philosophy.

You don’t have to search for argumentative essay examples on the specific topic that your professor assigned. Just read any great paper. For example, a great Shakespere essay can inspire you to write a paper about society, if you start following its strain of reasoning.

Here’s how you’ll benefit from our sample essays:

  • Instead of scrolling through TikTok videos, you can read. The papers are fun, so we promise that you won’t get bored.
  • Reading is the first step to improving your writing skills. You’ll get some inspiration for personal essay as you read through a great piece of writing.
  • We offer narrative, personal, descriptive, argumentative, and compare and contrast essay examples. When you need to write a specific type of paper, you’ll benefit from reading a sample even if it’s on a different topic.

Personal Essay Examples

We share some of the finest essay writing samples that we got through the EduGeeksClub essay writing contest.

  1. The Person I Still Remember from School by Anna Russell

Most entries that we received on this topic were about friends and teachers. Anna chose a different perspective: she remembers herself and the person she became during the years of schooling. It’s an amazing essay with all the proper elements of narrative essay writing.

  1. Why I Don’t Like Studying But Love Learning by Megan Williams

This is one of the best opinion essay samples that you’ll read online. The author compares studying as a duty vs studying as an opportunity.

  1. The Most Important Lesson College Has Taught Us by Gomathi Sridevi

For the author of this essay, “Never look down on anybody” is the most important lesson that college teaches. It’s a powerful essay that tackles bullying, trauma, and social differences.

  1. Pros and Cons of Being a Straight-A Student by Ae Ko

This is one of the wittiest college essay samples that you’ll ever read. The author manages to grasp important points through humor. It’s the type of paper that makes a professor love you.

  1. Pros and Cons of Being a Straight-A Student by Judith Davis

Judith took a serious approach to the topic. She discusses the excitement of learning, but she balances the paper out with the burdening reality of a devoted student. In reality, straight-A students might miss out on life.

Get Inspired by the Structure of College Essay Examples

When you read the short essay examples, you can get inspired to write.

You’ll see how different students take their own approach on the same essay titles. You should never go in the expected direction. The best sample essay papers approach the topic from a unique angle.

Be careful; these narrative essay examples can serve only as an inspiration. Never copy and plagiarize! Your professor will easily catch you in such practices.

You’re Still Stuck with Essay Writing? We Can Help!

These personal essay examples weren’t enough to inspire you to write a great paper?

It’s okay.

You can always rely on a practical solution. Hire our essay writing service! Our professional writing team will help you overcome the academic writing challenge.

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