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Sep 3rd 2019

Pros and cons of being a straight-A student.

The best essay on the topic: Pros and cons of being a straight-A student

Ae Ko
United States

If my grades were Bella, I would be Edward. That is how much I am in love and obsessed with them. The problem is I am not a vampire, unlike Edward, so I need sleep. I have to think about my grades before I fall asleep, when I do not stay up until midnight trying to solve the last math problem on Mymathlab or analyze quotes for my English class. The dark circles under my eyes are probably darker than my black hair right now, but at least my sanity is still here with me, so I am completely fine. I would be lying if I said I have always been a straight-A student, but since maintaining a 4.0 GPA was my eleventh grade goal, I have been getting on my teachers' nerves since then. It is a surprise when my teachers still want to say, “hello” to me when they see me in the hall. I was the kid who would ask for extra credits when my grades dropped by a point or two. I would chase them around like Noah chases Allie around in “The Notebook,” minus the the climbing on the ferris wheel part because we have no ferris wheel at school. Being a straight-A student makes me smile like a lunatic, but it lets nervous breakdowns follow me around like a bunch of teenage fangirls following their favorite Kpop idol.

Let me get to the pros before getting into the cons, just because I like to keep life fun, light, and enjoyable. Well, I do not remember the last time college was like “let's not take this student because his or her grades are too high.” The point of being a straight-A student is to go to a good college and probably to please your parents so they do not kick you out of the house. Since I am a straight-A student, I do not have to look at my dream college admission requirements, at least the GPA portion of it, and cry because my GPA is too low for that school. I can save my energy to be stressed out about something else, like the fact that that the test I have to take tomorrow is worth 20% of my overall grade. The chances of me getting into my dream school are as high as that drunk person using a toilet seat as their pillow. Even though I might not end up going to my dream school, and being in one of the “I pay $1000 a month in student loans” videos, at least I can brag about me getting into that school. I can pretend like I am just intelligent and leave out the part that I used quizlet to do my science homework. So it is fun being a straight-A student because getting into college helps keep my self-esteem up. I can also smile and start running around the house to burn calories when I get accepted into the colleges that I applied to. Being a straight-A student does not only help me get into colleges, it also helps keep my body active and healthy.

It is time to talk about the cons of being a straight-A student, because if being one was as easy as using a snapchat filter, then everyone could do it. Before I was a junior in high school, I was an A minus student, and I did not feel too anxious about my grades even though I always tried. Now I am a senior and I care about my grades more than I care about brushing my hair every day. For me, getting an 80 on a quiz is more painful than stepping on a lego. I tend to stay up late and study for upcoming quizzes or tests because I would rather be sleepy than be clueless the next morning. Sometimes, I get lightheaded because of that, and that leads to me wanting to take an eight hour nap in the daytime. When other essays and homework are still waiting for me to finish them, taking a nap is only an option if I want all my A's to say goodbye to me. Waiting for the microwave to heat up your food while staring at it is faster than waiting for me to write a sentence. The point is I am a slow writer who writes like every word in the English language would disappear if I do not use them correctly. Since I get less than seven hours of sleep most nights, my mental state is not as stable as it should be. Most of the time, I cannot think like a rational person and small things affect me. Nervous breakdowns would try to chase me, whenever my life is a bit out of control, like when I have too much homework. They get to me quickly since I am a slow runner, and then the crying happens, like water that I drank in the morning is meant to be my tears. Being a straight-A student does not only take away my sleep but also makes me cry like I am ready to be a dramatic movie star.

I am human and no matter where I am in this life, I am going to get hurt by something or someone. I was born to be in love with my GPA and I do not mind getting hurt by it. While, being a straight-A student sometimes messes with my brain, I know the result of it is worth it because getting into college is my dream.

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