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Edu Geeks Club is a place where professionals are happy to share their expertise with students to help them succeed in their specialty.

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The best proof we have that our company is excellent is our Edu Geeks Club reviews from customers. We are truly proud of our accomplishments as a writing service and would like to share the amazing words from our hundreds of customers with you all.

  1. Jessica (Dissertation in Linguistics, 10 days, Platinum level):

“I am a good writer, but I cannot possibly begin to explain the stress I felt over the last two months before I had to deliver my dissertation. My school is demanding, so I constantly felt like I’ll disappoint everyone.

Then, by cousin showed me some EduGeeksClub reviews and told how they helped him write his paper. I didn’t believe that they’ll do wonders in 10 days, but it happened. I delayed the ordering and it cost me, but it was worth every penny!”

  1. Mildred (Essay paper in Biology, 3 days, Standard level):

“My Biology professor is the meanest professor ever, believe me. The tasks he gives us are really tough and most of us cannot manage to get anything higher than a C.

As soon as I got a B on my paper delivered by these people, I couldn’t wait to write this EduGeeksClub review. I only picked the standard level, so I’ll definitely try something higher next time to see if it will land me the impossible A.“

  1. Sylvia (Research paper in History, 4 days, Premium level):

“I’m a college student and to be fair, a terrible writer. This doesn’t make me a bad student at all – I study a lot. But as soon as I started to notice that my grades are failing me just because I don’t write well, I decided that it’s time to get some help.

So, I used the brilliant people at Edu Geeks Club and I cannot express how happy I am. They write all my papers, including the last history paper, and the prices are amazing."

  1. Eddie (Dissertation chapter in Physics, 1 month, Premium level):

“Graduating from university is a dream come true for me and I owe it all to EduGeeksClub. When I realized that the dissertation is more than I can handle, I went online and searched for the best rated company. To my surprise, they had this great newcomers’ discount, so when I ordered an entire dissertation, the price got an amazing price.

It was totally worth it and I recommend it. My dissertation was better than I could have ever written it.”

  1. Ameer (Term paper in Literature, 5 days, Premium level):

“Wow! That’s the only word that comes to mind when I want to tell people what these people did for me. Edu Geeks Club just wrote a term paper for my Literature class in only five days, and it was brilliant. It impressed my professor, got me good points, and it cost me very little. I recommend them greatly!”

  1. Charles (Dissertation in Law, 5 weeks, Platinum level):

“I first wanted to choose the premium level because they say it’s the most popular one and is more affordable. But when I read that the platinum had more benefits, I chose that one.

The difference is little and when you add the discount, the price is pretty much what I expected it to be. The quality, on the other hand, was more than I expected. I’m truly impressed. I just wish I found this company sooner. “

  1. Aisha (Dissertation in Programming, one month, Premium level):

“This is my absolute favourite friend throughout my studies. I discovered Edu Geeks Club when I was in high school and I’ve used them ever since. I plan to enrol in University now and they even helped me with the admission essay! The writers here are great and if you order like I do from the same company, the prices get better and better.”

We make no exception when we publish our customers’ reviews on our website. If you have ordered with us and received of our products, you can leave us a testimonial for our future clients to see.

We are well aware that there’s no such thing as perfect service, but we work hard and strive to be one. When you provide us with feedback, we promise to use it to improve and deliver better work with every next order we get. You can also contact us with any questions you have.