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Oct 20th 2020

101 Great Research Paper Topics for Busy Students

Nowadays, businesses ask for communication skills and creativity from their potential employees. Writing properly is critical for precisely this reason. Developing this skill will help students deliver explicit messages and conversate appropriately when entering the job market. Here are some suggestions you might wish to consider before choosing one of your research paper topic ideas.

First, you'll have to think of a topic that inspires you to dig deeper. The best research paper topics will get you so wired up that you won't feel any stress when working on the assignment. But if you get in trouble at any stage of the process, you can get research paper writing help from professional writers.

Questions to ask yourself before starting your work

  • Who am I addressing this paper to and why is this issue relevant?
  • Where can I find the best support for my thesis and how can I get the necessary help?
  • What is already out there ready to review? Is there anyone I know interested in the same subject I am?
  • Why did I choose this topic, why does it need further investigation, what makes it debatable and interesting to talk about?
  • Are there any issues connected to my topic controversial? If so, which ones and how can I address them?
  • What is the most interesting aspect about the subject (to me) and what do I think about it? Why do I find it interesting?

Why Focusing on the Topic is So Important?

Once you picked a broad area of interest, make sure you narrow your options down to two or three subjects. Then pick one from those two/three interests. Finding your niche can be quite challenging, but if you keep cutting down on your options you'll eventually find the one that captures your attention the most.

After you found your favorite topic, make it as clear as possible. For instance, talking about how “social media has a negative impact on our lives” is not particular enough – instead, you'll want to find something more specific, such as “watching Game of Thrones can influence sexual behavior patterns in adolescents and adults.” This is a good example of a topic because you can research it, expand on it, and ask the above questions without any concerns.

Suggestion #1: Your Subject Must Be Interesting

Writing about easy research paper topics that you're not interested in can be a truly challenging experience; for better results and an easier writing process, you'll want to choose topics for a research paper that you are captivated by.

Even if one of your interesting research paper topics might sound good at first, but you find no interest in it whatsoever, it's never too late to change your might – being passionate about the subject you're writing about makes your job easier.

easy research paper topics which are perfect to write about

Suggestion #2: You Must Obtain Enough Information

A custom research paper should be very well-researched before submission – but how can one obtain enough information? Here are the basic steps to creating a good, argumentative custom research paper:

  • Understand the assignment and make sure you have all the necessary information.
  • Choose one of the most exciting research paper topic ideas you can think of.
  • “Can a research paper be opinionated?” Yes, it can, and it should. You must choose a topic and then pick a side. Now ask yourself, “What is the main purpose of my essay? Write down your answer and start brainstorming ideas.
  • Choose a niche –you won't be able to come up with interesting content if your topic is too wide. Thus, you must narrow your ideas to a limited niche. Good easy research paper topics are well-defined. Easy research paper topics are the best ones to use.
  • Ask for research paper help from a librarian/your professor if you need to, don't be shy!“I buyresearch paper onlineif I am too busy on other projects and must come up with good topics for a research paper.If you also do so, remember to always check the content before submitting it,” shares Dana Christine, freelancer at Yoga Tells.
  • Keep track of your research paper order of pages.

Suggestion #3: Make Sure Your Professor Approves It

Each professor has his or her specific guidelines. Failing to respect them will result in below-average grades. Before starting to write your paper, check with your teacher to see if you've set the right objectives.

Writing intensively is a must if you want to come up with fantastic content; but everyone needs a helping hand from time to time. If you ran out of ideas, here is a list of easy research paper topics that might put your thoughts in order.A little research paper help never killed nobody.

History Research Paper Topics

  • What was the cause of the Cold War and what were the consequences suffered by the whole world?
  • What was the cause of the Vietnam War and what were the consequences suffered by the whole world?
  • How were the Communist satellite states influenced by the Soviet Empire and what is that era's influence on their culture?
  • What are the main differences between the traditions of the Roman Empire and those of the Ancient Greek?
  • How was democracy established in France and what was the purpose of the French Revolution?
  • How did Japan become such well-established economic power in such a short period, and is it possible for this miracle to repeat itself?
  • What were the socio-political factors that led to World War I and are we heading in the same directions today? Compare and contrast.
  • How did the African countries gain independence and are they still dependent on other countries for survival?
  • What are some similarities and differences between the Crusades and the Jihads?
  • What were some of the trading mechanisms of the Ancient World, and would they work in today's society?
  • How has the Industrial Revolution affected the development of the United States and why?
  • What impact does the ‘60s hippie culture have on the present-day?
  • Why are Israel and Palestine in constant conflict and what were the roots of the debate?
  • Is there any specific invention that has revolutionized history and significantly impacted our current world?
  • What power did the Pope have in the Middle Ages compared to now? Is there a relevant difference? Why?

This list of essay research paper topics should not be followed exactly; for instance, if you like half of one of the essay research topic ideas, use it, but come up with the other half on your own.

Sports Research Paper Topics

sports essay topics ideas for every student

  • What role do emotions play in sports and are they beneficial? Could be a debate in women's psychology.
  • Is it ethical to use physical force to motivate an athlete and what impact does it have on the children?
  • How is neuro-linguistic programming impacting the results of the young athletes and is it beneficial?
  • How do concentration and attention spam change after an athlete has suffered a brain injury?
  • What are the benefits and the disadvantages of being part of a professional athlete family? How does that impact a child's life and development?
  • What are the psychological aspects of practicing sport and how does sport influence our lives?
  • What is the purpose of designing personalized diets for athletes?
  • Is a vegan diet proper for a professional athlete?
  • Who should be responsible for creating training programs for professional athletes and should they have a saying in it?
  • What is the difference between short and long interval training and how does each method impact the athlete?
  • Should scientists have an essential saying in an athlete's working out schedule?
  • How do sports leaders form and how to encourage them to succeed?
  • How does sports culture look like in Asian countries such as Korea, China, or Japan? How do they differ from the Western world?
  • What are the risks of sports doping and its influence on an athlete's short and long-time performance?

Finding interesting research paper topics is a combination of inspiration and originality – so don't be afraid to add your own ideas or even find easy books to do research papers on. Get inspiration from wherever you can. These free research paper topics provided by us are useful as long as you think outside the box.

Psychology Research Paper Topics

  • Why does suicide in adolescents occur and what are the psychological consequences on the parents?
  • How does sexuality affect mental health?
  • What are the causes of Borderline Personality Disorder and how does it develop?
  • What are the leading causes of PTSD and how can it affect one's performance in the workplace?
  • Why causes people to feel anxious about death?
  • What are some of the best ways to research the Oedipus Complex in today's world?
  • How does separation anxiety and divorce affect a child's development?
  • What mental disorders are specific to each country and how do the environment and culture change a person?
  • Is chronic pain a mental thing and how can one use mental strength to overcome it?
  • What are the main reasons for eating disorders among teenagers?
  • What is ADHD, and can it be treated?
  • Are increasingly more people becoming narcissistic in today's society? What are the causes?
  • What is the reason for Cannibalism in some African cultures?
  • What are Multiple Personality Disorders and are they in any way similar to Bipolar Disorders? Compare and contrast.
  • What are the leading reasons for stalker personalities? Analyze.

“If you are not willing to think innovative, these top 100 interesting research paper topics won't be of any help to you. Make sure your topics for a research paper are not only original, but fresh and unconventional!” advises us Dan Johnson, CEO at Writing Pal.

Literature Research Paper Topics

Finding easy literature research paper topicshas never been easier:

  • What is the feminist view of the Adam and Eve story in Eavan Boland's Anorexic?
  • What does it mean to “be a wife” in Susan Glaspell's Trifles?
  • Why is Duma's Three Musketeers not accurate in certain ways?
  • What is Alchemy according to different literary pieces (choose at least two) and what role does it play in understanding the cultural world?
  • What is the difference between horror and thriller (with examples)?
  • What is the relationship between Virgil and Dante in The Divine Comedy?
  • Is it possible for Shakespeare to not have been the real author of his pieces? Argue both sides.
  • What are the similarities between Tolstoy's Anna Karenina and Flaubert's Madame Bovary?
  • How has Harry Potter influenced teenagers today and why?
  • Has Charles Dickens failed when he turned to romanticism in his novels? Why or why not?
  • How is incest expressed in literature (choose at least two pieces)? Was it seen inappropriate?
  • What would Jung's approach to literature be?
  • What is catharsis in literature and does it express our reality?
  • What is the cognitive psychology behind our epic ballads?
  • How has race been presented in literary pieces over the years and how has it evolved?

To find easy research paper topics ideas on Science, go on to the next point!

Science Research Paper Topics

Here are some good topics for a research paper in science:

  • Is exploring our solar system necessary today?
  • Is there life on Mars or is it just another story?
  • How will technology decide our future?
  • What are black holes? Give examples.
  • How can atoms be used to create new types of technologies?
  • How are clouds formed from a chemical perspective?
  • What is the main reason for climate change and how can we address it?
  • Is it right to have killer mosquitos fighting disease?
  • What is nanomaterial and what are some smart ways to regulate it?
  • What is the leading cause of breast cancer?
  • What are some excellent ways of preventing dementia and memory loss?
  • Is Western medicine the best tool for fighting disease? Is plant-based medicine more efficient and less chemical?
  • Is human interaction with wild animals dangerous?
  • What is a green building and are the new eco-friendly technologies worth the extra costs?
  • Should the new eco-friendly technologies get government funding?

good topics for a science research paper

Biology Research Paper Topics

Choose easy topics for research paper in biology for better results!

  • What is the impact of alcohol on the human body?
  • Why is the otter population slowly disappearing?
  • What is the biology behind Bipolar Disorder?
  • What could be the possible causes of Schizophrenia?
  • Why is the cellular reproduction so important and how can we explain its complexity?
  • What changes occur in the body when a woman is pregnant? How does that affect the baby?
  • What are the biological causes of homosexuality? Disregard the “it's not genetic” argument.
  • Does drinking coffee or Coke increase your risk for diabetes?
  • Could terrorists get a hand on Ebola disease and turn it into a weapon?
  • What are the similarities and differences between gestation periods in animals and mammals?
  • How do many abortions influence a woman's behavior and thinking?
  • What is the next step in the evolutionary circle after human?
  • What influence does alcohol have on our bodies and CNS?
  • What are the genetic implications of having a child with a relative?
  • Why can frogs jump?

Sociology Research Paper Topics

Not any topics for a research paper will suit your writing style. You must learn to avoid cheap research papers and come up with outstanding content if you want a good grade.

  • What are the main racial stereotypes and their effects?
  • Why is patriotism so prominent in the U.S.?
  • How are the mentally challenged presented in the media?
  • Is there a correlation between Disney movies and sexuality?
  • Why do people eat meat and what are the consequences?
  • Why is a vegan diet proper for everyone?
  • Why are young women so competitive with each other?
  • What is a high school's social structure?
  • How has the ‘emo' culture influenced teenagers?
  • What is cyberbullying and what can be done about it?
  • Why should LGBTQ have more rights and how to change it?
  • What is anti-psychiatry and how to approach it?

What to Do If You Can't Think of a Good Research Paper Topic

Professors aren't willing to help in most cases. You can turn to your friends instead. Discuss the material; maybe you'll come up with interesting topics to do a research paper on. But you should never steal someone else's idea! Your research paper must be original.

Another thing to keep in mind is that you can always get research proposal writing help. Even if you don't know what topic to choose, you can work on it with your writer.

Wrapping Up

Whether you like it or not, you'll learn how to write well in college. University professors can be extremely critical and demanding when it comes to essay writing – their assignments are challenging and their requirements high. This method helps students stay on top of their work and give out the best results. Remember! You are not looking for easy research paper topics for high school anymore. You're a student now. Act accordingly. Good luck!

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