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Aug 21st 2020

21 awesome PowerPoint presentation tips for students

Do you often find yourself in a general lack of cool presentation ideas? We all have been in that situation when the deadline for our presentation is tomorrow. And we did not have any idea on how to start a presentation.

But, there is good news! Here you will read 21 awesome PowerPoint presentation tips for students. We know that as a student you are in a constant process of learning. And this is our way of helping you by shedding a light on some creative ways to present a project. Check this out!

presentation college ideas

How To Make A Good Powerpoint Presentation For College

First, you may want to understand the topic you're trying to present. Gather information and create a Word document first, then you can proceed to your PowerPoint slides. Sometimes it's easier for you to outsource creating the presentation or other students' tasks to the master thesis writing service . This way you will have more time to prepare for dissertation defense, for example, or rest before your speech.

You decide what is better for you. In case, you are sure you want to create a presentation by yourself, we prepared some practical PowerPoint presentation tips and tricks.

Take these fun presentation ideas for college students into consideration and make the best presentation!

Use a Design Template

You might think of PowerPoint presentation ideas. Or you might be tempted to make a colorful presentation. So many functionalities, you want to try and use them all. But, it is harder than it looks to catch the attention of your fellow colleagues and to maintain it.

Try using a design template that offers your presentation consistency. Do not overload your slides with lots and lots of colors, pictures, and text boxes.

Use Consistent Fonts and Colors

No one says that every slide should look the same. You can mixt bulleted points slides with ones with pictures or with both text and pictures. But choose a smooth and easy to read font and stick to it.

The same goes for colors. Do not make a salad of fonts and colors. This mixture will only overload your colleagues and teacher. And the presentation will be hard to be attentive to.

Limit the Number of Your Slides

How easy to follow will be your presentation depends on the consistency of your slides. It's true. But it also depends on the number of your slides. If you will rush through an unlimited number of slides, how much information will be retained? As a student, you may not have so much experience delivering presentations.

But try limiting your number of slides accordingly to the length of your presentation. The simple rule is one slide per minute.

Do Not Use a Lot of Text

Remember that a class presentation is support for what you will say. As a student, you work to balance the time for outdoor activities and assignments. It is information that you searched for and extracted the main points. You invested time in this task. Do not ruin it.

Try not to use more than six lines of text per slide.

Try not to use more than six words per line. More space between lines will make them easier to read. Draft some presentation topic ideas and build your slides around them.

how to make creative presentations

Highlight Important Keywords

Use some tricks to highlight keywords from your lines. Of course, there are only the main ideas. Use bold to catch the attention of your colleagues. Use larger fonts to highlight some keywords.

But try to avoid using all capital letters for a word.

You are a student, just like your colleagues. Keep in mind what presentation tricks would help you remember the information easier. Remember your teachers' presentations and what impressed you. Then, use these tricks to your advantage.

Use Contrasting Colors

To increase the readability of your text, use contrasting colors for text and background. It is easier to set a light background and use dark colors for your font.

Take into consideration the background of your slides, because the one with patterns decreases readability.

Special Effects

There are a lot of powerpoint presentation examples for students. And PowerPoint has so many functionalities. You can add special effects to your text, you can add videos in the presentation or you can add music.

There are lots and lots of effects that can glitter your class presentation. Try making your presentation easy to follow. Do not overuse special effects that only make your presentation less eye-candy. You know that it is hard to catch students' attention. Do not start by losing it.

Use Images to Highlight Ideas

You might be tempted to put text on all your slides. There is a lot of important information to send. But try using images to highlight your point of view. For example, if you make a presentation about Hinduism you can use an image with a temple, or with a deity.

If you make a presentation about dreams, a picture with the iconic Sigmund Freud will be more impressive than a slide with text.

the best presentation ideas

Do Not Read from Your Slides

You have probably asked yourself how to give a good speech. The first trick is to not read the information from your slides. The presentation is made for the ones attending it, your fellow colleagues and your teacher.

You, as the presenter, describe the ideas. There are only parts of speech PowerPoints, which you largely discuss. Try to ask your colleagues some open questions. Challenge their thinking.


You will often find yourself thinking about presentation ideas for school. But what do you prefer? To read endless lines of text or to watch a graph? You remember those boring presentations you barely kept your eyes open. As a student, you have a higher possibility to attend one of these.

This might made you wonder how to make creative presentations. Try creating some amazing infographics to transmit your ideas. You can use some colorful pie charts or icons to prove your point.

Be in a constant search for creative ways to present a school project.

Do Not Turn Your Back to the Audience

You might think that you do not have presentation skills. No worry! We all know that a presentation college is important. Like we highlighted before, you should not read the text on your slides.

You should not turn the back to your audience, either. The presentation is for them, so try controlling your emotions and give the best out of you. Remember that the audience is composed of your colleagues, who are students just like you. You have nothing to be afraid of.

Use All the Tools Available

There are a lot of presentation tools for students. For example, a trick that will help you concentrate more on your audience and not on your slides is the pointer.

It is very useful to use it for highlighting the course of your chart. Like this, the attention of your audience is directed towards the presentation.

Use Stories to Prove Some Points

You must get close to your audience. It is important to use special effects to catch their attention. But to get close to them you must humanize yourself. Give your presentation college a more humane look.Use stories to give examples.

We learn better if we connect with people. And which is the best way to do the same with your audience? By telling stories you can stabilize a better connection with your audience. This technique helps to build trust.

Why so? Because you open yourself in front of your colleagues. For sure, there are students that are closer to you and got to know you. But you also share parts of yourself that are not shared other ways. You show that you also have emotions.

That you have feelings and fears. You are a human, just like them. They will empathize with you. And so, the information will be easier to retain. You are all in the same boat.

Take Pauses

You might be tempted to rush through your presentation. Because when you will reach the end, everything will be over. No eyes will be on you. Your teacher will give you feedback, and everything will be over. But stop a little bit.

Make your presentation be a beautiful experience that shapes you and your skills. You might get lost through ideas. You make your speech in your mind. Avoid those moments when you start “aaa-ing” or “umm-ing”.

The urge to fill that empty space is pretty intense. But silence is good. It urges the audience to reflect the ideas presented. This does not mean that your pauses should take minutes.

But a few seconds of silence help you to better organize your thoughts.

how to start a presentation

Vary Your Tones

A great way to highlight keywords, besides formatting your text, is your voice tone. Use all your body capacities to your advantage.

Depending on the subject you are presenting, alternate your tones. You can go from serious to funny ones. Or, from low to high tones. A great presenter knows when to alternate them in order to emphasize key ideas.

Be a Master in Your Topic

Of course, one of the parts of a presentation is the Q&A part from the end. You might be asked some questions also during the presentation. And it is normal. Because you must present a large amount of information in a limited amount of time. Which is about 10 to 15 minutes.

A realistic expectation and hope are the existence of questions. This means that your colleagues are paying attention. So, do as much research as you can.

Ask yourself questions and find answers for them. Look out for interesting facts. The more research you will do, the more comfortable with the topic you will be. You will master the presentation and the audience will trust you more and more. And for sure your teacher will be impressed.

The Rule of Three

In his famous work “Rhetoric”, Aristotle brought to our attention a very interesting fact. A fact that is valid for most people on this planet. After we learn something new, whether is something practical or not, we remember three main things.

Use this fact to your advantage. Draft some ideas that you want your audience to remember. Build your presentation and your speech around them. Keep highlighting them during your speech and put an emphasis on them.

It is not a realistic expectation to expect the audience to retain as much information as you did. Take into consideration that 15 minutes of active listening is not enough for the retainment of so many ideas.

Prepare Your Backup

When you have a presentation to make, it is important to always have a plan B. There can always appear technical difficulties that would prevent you from continuing the presentation.

And it is also important to take into consideration that handouts do not have special effects, videos or music. So, be prepared to entertain the audience with jokes, but also to continue presenting the topic without the PowerPoint presentation. It might not have the same effect, but for sure you will be an example for the other students.

Show Your Personality

You might be tempted to fall in the trap of giving a boring, formal and void of interesting information presented. Of course, everyone understands that not all topics are appealing and interesting. And the truth is, it is easier to maintain the attention of students. But, be prepared to show your personality.

Move through the classroom while you are presenting. Prepare some exercises that prove your points and that can be done by your audience. Use the variety of your tones. Smile and embrace the moment.

Move your hands and captivate the audience with your personality. Do not be afraid. This is a moment when you learn a lot. A moment of improving your skills and developing yourself.

You gain knowledge, but you also gain experience. Use all the setup and your personality and way of being to your advantage.


You might think that mastering the topic you are going to present is enough. I'm sorry to disappoint you, but it is not. Of course, it is a great plus to master your topic. But take some time aside and start rehearsing. Rehearse your body movements, your voice tones, and your body language.

Remember that a great presentation is done not only by knowledge but also by body movements. Take a moment to observe your facial expressions and your natural way of moving. Exercise and see which is the best way of presenting that suits you. And the earlier in your student life you begin learning these tricks, the more skilled you will become later.

how to make a class presentation

How to Conclude a Presentation

You might have thought how to end a presentation. It might seem easier to begin a presentation than to end it. What is important is to constantly highlight the main ideas you want your audience to keep.

There are many ways to end a PowerPoint presentation. One of them will be to end it with an open question. You have presented the topic, but now what about thinking about something related to the topic? This way, they will get involved in the discussion and the feedback and questions for you will be easier to manage.

Another way would be to end with a call to action. For sure there is always something that any one of us can do to make the world better. Why not urge them to act?

Of course, maybe one of the best endings would be using a quotation, to sum up, the main ideas. This is a great way to conclude your presentation. No matter which way you will choose to end your presentation, it is important to remember something.

Your audience must have some key ideas to keep. They will surely not retain all the information. But, when presenting the conclusion, remember to highlight the most important ideas about your topic.

Adapt the ending of your presentation to your colleagues. You know them, and you know what ending is the best for your mates.


You have probably often found yourself thinking about presentation ideas for school. As a student, you may not be so experienced in this field. But, you have all your student years to develop and improve your presentation skills. This article offers you great tips on how to build your PowerPoint presentation.

And, on how to actually present it. Remember to not overload your audience with lots of special effects and different fonts. Make your presentation consistent and present your topic with personality.

Take pauses, do not talk with the slides, and use your body language and voice tones to highlight some ideas.

Extra Presentation Ideas For Students

Now that you learned how to make an excellent college presentation, you can start your project. Take your necessary time to do the research and use these creative presentation ideas to make sure that your final product is impeccable.

Alternatively, if you don't have much time to work on it, here's a tip for presentation success: don't hesitate to ask for help. College assignments can be complicated, and sometimes you can run out of time. Thankfully, there are plenty of writing companies like EduGeekClub that offer paper wiring services, the best proofreading services, and can help you create, edit, or proofread your presentation. This way, you can get a good grade without spending too much time on your college task.

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