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Sep 3rd 2019

Why I don't like studying but love learning.

The best essay on the topic: Why I don't like studying but love learning.

Author: Megan Williams
United States

Albert Einstein once wrote, "Never regard study as a duty, but as the enviable opportunity to learn". Not knowing the definition of 'enviable', but believing anything Einstein declares as valuable, I looked up this ambiguous word I'd never heard. The dictionary definition of enviable: arousing or likely to arouse envy. This is when I realized the reason people look up to Albert is not because he was a genius (that too!), but because he had dedication to not only learn, but to pass on his learning like a father teaching his children. People debate his workings because they actually envy him. Hell, I envy him for his persistence in studying. The most important lesson to learn from this man isn't his enticing studies, but instead his dedication to actually understand the material and make it come full circle. I don't like studying, I love studying; because it is repetitive, alluring, and valuable. 

In the same way repetition is good for the brain to remember things, it is excessive for a brain that would like to catch on the first time. Frustrating for some, studying requires time and willingness. Those are two things people of this generation either don't possess or haven't learned at this point. It's hard to learn to want to learn. When you learn to love studying, it becomes spiritual almost; "Constant repetition carries conviction," Robert Collier stated. When listening to a song for the first time, you first catch onto the rhythm and beat. After about 10 times of listening to that same song on repeat, you'd probably know the hook and chorus, and possibly the first verse. You may not know the verses word for word, but when that chorus comes on you sing it with determination and conviction; wanting everyone to know YOU know THAT part. That feeling of accomplishment is the same sense we should have when we have comprehended the material we've been studying, we just have to change our mindset to make it fun. 

If I'm not mistaken, everyone loves to learn because it's enticing. Anytime something fresh comes to view, it makes us think differently...more Einstein-like. When I was in elementary learning how to add and subtract, I felt exhilaration from getting the right answer. English never made me feel the same way because there was never a right or wrong answer. It was weird for me to understand at first how one student could write on a subject and get an A and another student write the same topic and get a C. Now I understand it's graded from grammar and 'English laws' but it's still a gray area. Anyhow, the point I'm trying to get to is our minds are always changing, ready to learn and should in fact continue advancing. Whether it's algorithms or learning how to plant tomatoes in a garden. Learning is enticing and alluring, something everyone should learn is to NEVER be stagnant. 

What's more is the initial spark we get from learning. Understanding to stretch that spark is the hard part. If we kept that spark while studying it would make it easy. The bottom line is everyone has become a "come and go" type learner. If they don't get it from the jump, they move onto something else. Teaching confidence is valuable. Confidence is something that goes a long way and the world today has learned to be comfortable with average. There is always room for improvement. Rebellions begin revolutions. Riots start change. My riot is screaming to students to study!! It is a valuable tool that works our mind. If you have ever read a book more than once, you'd notice different symbols and meanings that you couldn't find the first time. Repetition is key to actually understanding material. 

To say the truth, I have been that 'come and go' type of person. However, slowly I'm learning to stay more and more everyday. I'm learning to study. To thumb through my notes, and re-read the books. However, I have so much to learn still. I will never live up to the legendary, genius Albert Einstein...but if I can learn anything from him it is to not let the critics get in the way of you reaching your potential. I am worth more than the haters and I am not getting my education to make them envious of me, but so I can become the best version of myself. After all, who am I if not myself?


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