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Sep 19th 2018

The 8 Most Unusual Dissertation Topics of All Times

When academic institutions said that theses and dissertations can be on anything you want, students seem to have taken this very seriously. In our search for some great mba thesis topics and dissertation title ideas, we've found some pretty intriguing and surprising research papers.

Choosing a topic has never been simple. You might think of trying out a dissertation title generator, but there is no better idea than a unique idea. In fact, some people went further than simply thinking of dissertation topics in leadership and management, for example. Some of them went so far, that when asked to choose interesting dissertation topics in leadership and management, they wrote on how to manage and ‘drag sheep over various surfaces'!

In terms of sports and dissertation topics sports marketing, why choose something as ‘boring' as regular activities people perform? Instead, why not choose to research ‘A comparison of jump performances of the dog flea and the cat flea'.Thank God there isn't such a competition at the Olympics!

As for those looking for some hr thesis topics for mba, we have a bizarre topic for you. The dissertation named ‘Which feels heavier – a pound of lead or a pound of feathers?' will give you a whole new perspective on how the cognitive can change people's perspective. Something so ridiculous and obvious apparently turned into an entire dissertation about the perception of weight, so you might want to read it to see how tricky a person's mind really is.

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So, if you thought that there is a limit to choosing mba topics for thesis, you were wrong. Apparently, with the right professor, you can choose whichever mba topics for thesis you like. You might not get the best grade, though!

Take for example the person who wrote ‘'Sword swallowing and its side effects''. Talk about exploring a business to the very core! Apparently, in the world of business, there aren't strange business dissertation titles you can think of.

The funniest thing is, these aren't even the highest-rated mba thesis topics we could find! Talk about custom dissertation writing! With topics such as the following, there is no way you'll have plagiarism in your dissertation!

1. Impact of Wet Underwear

What? This topic is obviously a hard science since people actually wrote an entire thesis on it! Speak about marketing dissertation topics 2017! If you are a person trying to sell underwear, this paper should definitely take part of your strategy. In fact, it is an excellent idea for mba thesis topics in finance, too! Imagine the money it will bring to those who sell dry underwear!

Wet underwear is not comfortable for anyone, not even babies. Apparently, this is an important question and not just in terms of finance. The people who researched it weren't looking to get to the list of most intriguing underwear marketing dissertation topics 2017. They weren't even looking for good dissertation titles finance to boost sales. On the opposite, the authors decided to investigate the significance of underwear when it is wet in terms of intestinal warmth, skin and, believe it or not, weight loss.

Who knew? This also turns out to be one of the good dissertation titles finance ideas for weight loss products! Apparently, wearing wet underwear in controlled conditions provides ‘'significant cooling effect on thermoregulatory responses and thermal comfort''. Huh!

2. Jesus Potter Harry Christ

And you thought that you are a Harry Potter's fan? If you are not but wondered who can write my dissertation for me, you might want to stay away from this PhD student. Murphy didn't need to ask anyone ‘please write my dissertation for me'. In fact, he decided to go with something more bizarre than you could think of – a comparison of Harry Potter and Jesus Christ!

Well, this is definitely not the guy I'd ask to write my dissertation for me, but I definitely find his ideas out of the ordinary. Apparently, there are parallels between the world of magic and the world of religion I'd never even thought of while watching Harry Potter.

The most interesting thing of all is, this thesis transformed into a book that won the Next Gen Indie Book Award for the category of ‘Best religious non-fiction' in 2011! Apparently, analyzing J.K.Rowling's miracle wizard boy and Jesus Christ is something people find worthy of research and interesting to read, so much that they gave it an award.

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3. Safe and Painless Manipulation of Penile Zipper Entrapment

Speak of dissertation topics management! What better topic to choose than the topic of managing your zipper when it entraps the penis?!

This does sound ridiculous, but it might just be one of the funniest media dissertation topics you can come up with. There's literally no person who wouldn't at least be curious after reading the title, so naturally, I was interested to see what this is all about. More specifically, I was interested to learn what an entire paper can possibly find to say about penile zipper entrapment!

Apparently, choosing a button fly is no longer a necessity if you experience this problem and agony often. The paper published in 2005 by Dr. Satish Chandra Mishra provides pages and pages filled with methods for fine intervention in such unpleasant cases. It also explains which approaches will make it worse or take too long and cause you longer pain.

As it turns out, the quick, simple and non-traumatic way to do this is by using pliers and wire cutters. Well, it still sounds kind of painful to me!

4. Navigation-Related Structural Change in the Hippocampi of Taxi Drivers

You didn't expect that ending of the title, did you? From a medical topic this quickly turned into a psychological and even one of the greatest tourism dissertation topics ever. Apparently, being in a cab gives you the advantage of being in a same place with a person with a bigger brain.

Why is this one of the funniest, most bizarretourism dissertation topics, you'd ask? Well, if taxi drivers are really that much smarter because they use navigation so often, it will certainly attract tourists to use this method to get around by taxi more often, wouldn't it?

Believe it or not, this theory was confirmed. When compared to people who are not taxi drivers, the actual drivers obviously had larger posterior hippocampi.

5. The Possibility of Unicorns

You wouldn't expect to find something like this in an mba thesis topics list, would you? Well, this is actually real. Since this question troubled us all for decades, Rachael Patterson decided to actually research it and share her findings in an entire dissertation with us!

How does one go about finding unicorns when no one can really prove that they've seen some? This philosophy undergraduate wanted to check if the theories surrounding the existence of unicorns show that this is actually possible. And the strangest thing is, she even had a thesis to go back to – one by Michael Dummet and Saul Kripke.

Surely, none of them claim that these are real creatures and admit that they are mythical, but they don't really reject the idea that they might exist in some other world. It kind of makes you wonder, doesn't it?

tourism dissertation topics which are fun

6. Termination of Intractable Hiccups with Digital Rectal Massage

The endings of these topics start to more and more sound like dissertation jokes. However, they are real dissertations. This one was published back in 1990 in Israel and are based on an old wives' tale. Apparently, in such a complex and unbearable situation, this is a surprisingly effective method for terminating hiccups.

The dissertation speaks of one case – of a 60-year old person, a patient who suffers from intractable hiccups. Apparently, these stopped immediately solely by massaging the rectum with a finger!However, the report says that ‘no other recurrences were observed', so this remains a bit of a ‘mystery' still.

But, don't think that people left this ‘amazing treatment' go to waste. Apparently, Dr. Francis Fesmire penned such a report and got an Ig Nobel back in 2006. Apparently, his tradition and joyous discovery died with him in the year of 2014, so that's all we get to know about the topic. At least until someone else decides to research it further.

7. Chicken Prefer Beautiful Humans

Did you know that this could actually be the case? Well, according to Magnus Enquist and Liselotte Jansson at Stockholm University, this is a topic that is so worthy of a research, it is actually one you could research so much, it can be turned into a dissertation!

The study oversees six chickens who need to react to images of people's faces, both male and female. Apparently, when tested to look at beautiful and average faces in terms of beauty, chickens showed preference for the first. The study also includes humans who are given the same tests. Same results, believe it or not. I guess we are not so different from chickens, after all.

Jokes aside, the study aims to show that human preferences aren't just human preferences. Apparently, live creatures also have similar preferences that result from general nervous system properties.

8. Pressures Produced When Penguins Pooh – Calculations on Avian Defecation

This is the dissertation that's most likely to be placed in the list of funniest graphic design dissertation topics more than biology topics. Why? Because the author actually drew a picture and made an entire measurement of how penguins poop!

It is a direct title and a more direct dissertation. The authors of this bizarre topic are Jozsef Gal and Victor Benno Meyer- Rochow of the Jacobs University Bremen. The two author were so interested in the pooping processes of penguins, they decided to join forces and check every little detail – starting from the distance this fecal matter covers, as well as the thickness of the poop.

Apparently, these birds make pressure of approximately sixty kilopascals to let the poop out. The rest of the details you can find in the picture, which as you can see, is only figure 1 of the research!

dissertation jokes which you should know

If you are wondering where people find the inspiration for such topics, this one came from a silly question of a blushing student. During one of his lectures, Dr. Meyer-Rochow was asked how penguins poop in their nests and why they do it. Apparently, this intrigued the professor for custom dissertation writing.

As you can see, ideas come from all kinds of places. Thankfully, there is no limit as to where the human brain might go and what might interest him or her. The bottom line is, you are given full liberty at choosing a dissertation topic and if you decide to stray from the ‘normal' topics, you can always go wild and choose a bizarre topic like those in this list. Who knows, you might make it to the list, too!

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