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Jul 24th 2017

5 Ways to Make Dissertation Writing Fun

Dissertation writing is the most important piece of writing you'll undertake during your undergraduate career, so it's natural to have the jitters. There's only way to do it, and it won't be a walk in a park. It doesn't mean that it can't be manageable at all. You can have fun along the way. Planning will be one thing, where you must devote your free time to it. Most of it. (You family and friends are aware that it won't take a lifetime to finish it.) There's another aspect to it, which will give you ease (while doing it). You have a big decision to do.

You should know that paper writing can be exhausting after doing it repeatedly. If thinking about it won't help at all, then urging yourself to do it could be more challenging than you think at first. Finding your inspiration may not enough. (Shakespeare might not be a good role model.) There are five areas that you must address immediately, as failure to do it can spell trouble sooner or later. Identify your field of interest, and find your style afterward. Pick a comfortable environment to do it. Never forget to indulge in your interests. Keep an open line to your family and friends. Don't lose that upbeat attitude.

5 Simple Ways to Get Started With Your Dissertation

This first step is very crucial, so read it carefully. If you don't know what you're writing about, then the time you'll spend in front of the computer screen will be longer than you plan. If you haven't figure out the writing style that you'll adapt to this particular task, then your dissertation will confuse your professor. (Expect the faculty to be disappointed at it.) You must do a preliminary research before you commence on your (dissertation) writing. This will enable you to familiarize with the various scholarly texts that are available in your university. You'll find one or two that you fancy in terms of writing style. Study the structure, if not make an outline from it. You'll also find a gap in the recent writings, which you can use as a topic (of your dissertation). Don't rush it, as you must figure out if this will interest you. Make sure that you won't lose that interest at some point.

Where will you write your dissertation? Your room will be an ideal place, but it will likely end up as a prison after a month or two. This is not a cue to decorate your study table with your Lego toys (or fill a small cabinet with pony soft toys). A postcard of your favorite travel destination will be good enough, if not a framed photo of your family during a recent holiday. If you're an art lover, then you might have a painting back home. (Your folks won't mind you loaning it.) Otherwise, you can do a Google search. You shouldn't indulge in it, as you'll lost a lot of time (in the process).

You must have a hobby. It's a reminder that there are other facets of your life that must not be taken for granted. It's also important that you must be distracted from the coursework every now and then. Lastly, it will make you feel good whenever you're feeling the pressure (or the rut from doing the same thing for some time). Here's a friendly reminder: Tell your coursemates about it. Someone might be enthusiastic about stamp collecting, a hobby that faces oblivion due to the Internet. You also won't have any difficulty in finding a film enthusiast. And a day may be incomplete without a conversation on a recent sport event. You'll be able to think clearly afterward.

Call them maybe. Familiar faces will give you assurance, which will help you deal with those solitary moments. (You should know the feeling after reading the classics.) It will also keep you grounded, which is important for any student. It's the only way not to lose focus, if not keeping priorities straight. Not easy to do it, but a reminder from the people who care should be good enough. Your family and friends will ask questions (about your dissertation), so try to answer it to the best of your abilities. Expect confused expression, which shouldn't discourage you. It's not the usual topic of conversation during dinner.

Always look at the bright side. Attitude can make or break your game plan, even if you have the perfect surrounding (to do your paperwork). There are days when you must do it, even your body tells otherwise. And there are moments when you feel like it's going on for a long time. Apart from the inspiring set-up to your room, think of one thing that makes you happy. Promise yourself a treat if you're able to finish a set of tasks for the week. And anything that will make you laugh will give you renewed confidence.

Three Things That Will Complicate Your Dissertation Writing

Writing an introduction to a dissertation can take some time, even consume an entire or two. It shouldn't be your first task, but you can think of one during the early phase. Keep on looking at it during the later stages, which will remind you if you're not getting stray from your topic. It will prompt you to look at what you have written, making modifications along the way. Proofreading will be another thing, though.

You have other priorities, but you must follow a schedule on your dissertation writing. Don't ever think of changing the plan unless it's really an urgent matter. Don't hesitate to talk to your professor about it, so there won't be any problem arising in the very immediate future. It means that if something isn't right, then it may be wise to make a change immediately. You don't want to encounter more bumps. If the professors has follow-up questions, then it must be politeness on their part.

Remember that your teenage days are long gone (unless you're a prodigy). You have a responsibility, but don't freak out.

Are You Still Struggling With Your Dissertation?

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